As much a motherfuckers bitch about child support and having to take care of kids they OBVIOUSLY had no intent on taking care of, you’d think abortion would be a unanimous “HELL YES” owchea.

I’m talking to you adulterers with babies outside of your marriage. You know, the babies…

The same can be said about women though. I’ve heard and read plenty of stories about women abandoning their children. This double standard for men an support needs to be shattered if women want equality. The picking and choosing needs to end.

Child support was created because men were abandoning children they created in mass. It also was created because male dominated courts decided that the care of the child was best with the mother.  Men made that decision women did not.

A few women you hear about leaving their children doesn’t compare thousands of men that do.


Travis | Soho, New York
I met Travis just outside of a cigar shop in Soho, smoking his cigar. Like a BOSS, I might add.


Travis | Soho, New York

I met Travis just outside of a cigar shop in Soho, smoking his cigar. Like a BOSS, I might add.


Adwoa and Samuel. A Ghanian Engagement Session

January 24, 2013

Will be shooting the lovely couple in Boston sometime this summer and was extremely happy to have traveled there for their awesome traditional Ghanian Engagement session. The colorful attire and detailed beadings are truly rich of the Culture and looked flawless with her amazing complexion. Adwoa even showed me a little Azonto dance. I can’t wait to photograph the wedding. Here are some from the session.

You judge a woman
by the length of her skirt,
by the way she walks,
talks, looks, and acts;
by the color of her skin you judge
and will call her “bitch!”
“Black bitch!”
if she doesn’t answer your:
“Hey baby, whatcha gonna say
to a man.”
You judge a woman
by the job she holds,
by the number of children she’s had,
by the number of digits on her check;
by the many men she may have lain with
and wonder what jive murphy
you’ll run on her this time.
You tell a woman
every poetic love line
you can think of,
then like the desperate needle
of a strung out junkie
you plunge into her veins,
travel wild through her blood,
confuse her mind, make her hate
and be cold to the men to come,
destroying the thread of calm
she held.
You judge a woman
by what she can do for you alone
but there’s no need
for slaves to have slaves.
You judge a woman
by impressions you think you’ve made.
Ask and she gives,
take without asking,
beat on her and she’ll obey,
throw her name up and down the streets
like some loose whistle —
knowing her neighbors will talk.
Her friends will chew her name.
Her family’s blood will run loose
like a broken creek.
And when you’re gone,
a woman is left
healing her wounds alone.
But we so called men,
we so called brothers
wonder why it’s so hard
to love our women
when we’re about loving them
the way america
loves us.

essex hemphill (via ethiopienne)

I’ll just leave this here…